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Rooms at Casa Lulú

Seven suites hide behind the walls at Casa Lulú. Each room reveals a take on the property’s signature refinements.
The first floor joins public spaces, including the pool, dining room, and kitchen, terrace and back garden with Caballito, Ballena and Móbula. On the second floor, sit the rest of the rooms: Medusa, Estrella, Tortuga y Pez, arranged individually one next to the other. Each with a unique color scheme, the rooms have their own specific ambience in harmony with the whole complex.

All rooms feature complimentary continental breakfast, Hi-Speed Internet and Loredana Toileteris. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Give us a call.

We also rent the whole house for retreats or special events.



The perfect romantic get away. 

Starting at $72USD.

This luminous suite has a private terrace with the most comfortable hammock, perfect for reading or taking a nap.  Located at ground level, staying at Caballito makes it easy to transition from and with easy access to the pool and all common areas. 

This room features:
- 1 queen size bed.
- Private terrace with hammock.
- Working station (perfect for DigitalNomads).
- Loredana bathroom amenities.
- Hi speed internet.

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